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Princess Peaches-


-Princess Peaches-

2.5 oz melt

Race to the finish line with a mix of Jasmine & Daisies followed by a dash of Amberwood as Princess Peach comes in first!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Peaches peaches peaches peaches peaches

My 2nd favorite smell of all time! (RIGHT next to Lisa) I happily stocked up for the foreseeable future so I wouldn't run out so quickly. Definitely smells what I imagine a princess would smell like it's so beautiful 😭

Trisha Madison
Absolutely Amazing

I bought a few of the wax melts and Princess Peaches is so amazing! It’s literally a whole experience! When you put the melt on the burner there is legit shimmer in it! It smells delicious and shines! Love it!

Monica Kadlec
In LOVE with Princess Peaches

I used the melt in my library at school and the students and staff all commented on how good the library smelled all WEEK! It smells so fresh and fruity. This one might be my new favorite.

Omg Princess Peaches

Omg!!! If you like the smell of peach at all you will fall in love with this! The perfect amount of sweet and tart. This might be my new favorite!

Lisa W.

If you like a peach scent this one is for you! It is AMAZING and fresh with just enough sweetness. The quality is superb -- I can't get enough of these melts!