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Fall Scents Now Available
Fall Scents Now Available


Based on 75 reviews
Peaches peaches peaches peaches peaches

My 2nd favorite smell of all time! (RIGHT next to Lisa) I happily stocked up for the foreseeable future so I wouldn't run out so quickly. Definitely smells what I imagine a princess would smell like it's so beautiful 😭


Love this scent! Smells exactly like childhood & makes me want cereal!

Create your own (3) Bundle
Anna M Hotseller
Long lasting, strong and amazing scents

Ordered a bundle of several to surprise my husband. He loved them all and the samples were great! We will be ordering more!!

Back in Orlando!

I didn't even get a chance to use this before my kids swiped it for their bathroom warmer! (No Myrtles appeared ;)) It recreates the smell of our favorite vacation treat at home.


This company, The owners and their products are way above perfection. The melts and scents are unbelievable and I will be a forever buyer.

Create your own (5) Bundle
Polly Zaborowski
Awesome Wax melts!!

I love the the strong fragrances with the added sparkles!! Wish they would offer free shipping for return customers or a lower shipping rate😊

(3) Melt Bundle

The best I’ve tried

These are much better than the store bought and the smells are mouth watering! They seem to last longer than what I am used to as well. I’ll be a repeat buyer.

(5) Melt Bundle

Love the melts!

Every scent I purchased I absolutely love! Fall scent in my home 😍

Hocus Pocus-
susan aumiller
100% favorite

I don't think I can accurately describe how much I adore this scent. We used up more than half our melts over the course of a couple of weeks because it is DIVINE. I even got a room spray so I can smell Hocus Pocus everywhere I go, even when not at home. Buy this, buy several of them, and enjoy it because it's amazing.

Hocus Pocus-
Jennifer Sexten
Better than the black flame candle!

This was my first RG purchase and it hasn’t disappointed! Melted beautifully and has dispersed its fall-licious scent throughout my house. Officially in love!

(5) Melt Bundle


I will never buy from an MLM again. These melts smell better and support small businesses.

Love the bundle!

Gives you the best bang for your buck and allows you to buy additional scents to try!

Good thing there’s a disclaimer

I’m glad they put a disclaimer to not eat the melts, because this one legit smells good enough to eat. It’s reminiscent of cocktail parties of a bygone era. This is now one of my favorite scents.

3 Sticker Bundle
Chelan Thompson

(3) Sticker Bundle

Caramel Apple Pop
Aileen Palumbo
My new “Go-to” Fall Scent!!🍁

Apple Fritter will not disappointment!! Crisp Apple notes and hints of Caramel!!! It is a cozy warm sweater by a crackling fire all wrapped up in a wax cube!!!! LOVE, LOVE IT!!!

Galaxy Cake-
Trisha Madison
Smells just like cake!!!!

If you love the smell of cake baking in the oven then you have to get the galaxy cake! When I brought this home my daughter smelled it and thought it was an actual pack of little cakes! You have to get these!

Pumpkin Caramel Donut-
Trisha Madison
So delicious

Love the smell! Love how long the sent lasts in my home! It smells like a donut shop and I love it!

Princess Peaches-
Trisha Madison
Absolutely Amazing

I bought a few of the wax melts and Princess Peaches is so amazing! It’s literally a whole experience! When you put the melt on the burner there is legit shimmer in it! It smells delicious and shines! Love it!

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Great value

Highly recommend the melt bundle!

Princess Peaches-
Monica Kadlec
In LOVE with Princess Peaches

I used the melt in my library at school and the students and staff all commented on how good the library smelled all WEEK! It smells so fresh and fruity. This one might be my new favorite.

Amazing smells!

Absolutely amazing scents! The waxes I have bought are beautiful in color and when they melt it’s always glittery! 10/10! I will never buy from scentsy again after my purchases with Retro Glow 😊🥰