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Free Shipping on orders $50+. Use code : FREESHIP at Checkout
Free Shipping on orders $50+. Use code : FREESHIP at Checkout


Based on 152 reviews

Love this scent! Smells exactly like childhood & makes me want cereal!

Love the way it smells!!!

Lavender Fields
Kinda Creech

Lavender Fields

Create your own (3) Bundle
Anna M Hotseller
Long lasting, strong and amazing scents

Ordered a bundle of several to surprise my husband. He loved them all and the samples were great! We will be ordering more!!

Back in Orlando!

I didn't even get a chance to use this before my kids swiped it for their bathroom warmer! (No Myrtles appeared ;)) It recreates the smell of our favorite vacation treat at home.


This company, The owners and their products are way above perfection. The melts and scents are unbelievable and I will be a forever buyer.

Basic Baby Yodi
Sandi Bonito
Love love love

The best scent so far. Smells like the best cup of coffee ever.

Create your own (5) Bundle
Polly Zaborowski
Awesome Wax melts!!

I love the the strong fragrances with the added sparkles!! Wish they would offer free shipping for return customers or a lower shipping rate😊

50 Shades
Lily edmunds

i love this scent and if you like a clean scent this is for you. i got it once at a festival and i ran out and it was so good i had to buy another.

(3) Melt Bundle

Basic Baby Yodi
Sandi Bonito

I spoke with you at the show in Findlay and you suggested this scent (last one you had).. I love it. It filled this house in about 2 hours. Going to order some more.

My new signature scent

Y’all I cannot even articulate just how much I love this scent. Since my first purchase nearly ago, I have worn it every single day. Omfg it’s amazing

Colleen Stanley
Love it!

Reminds me of Yankee Candle

Miami Mist
Leigha Eisenhour
So refreshing

A great refreshing scent! So glad I have some!

Jennifer Cheek
Made a GREAT gift!

Bought this scent to give as a gift--wanted something that wasn't really sweet or fruity, and this was the perfect choice!! The only downside is: I gave it away! Now I need to order more for me (and hope my daughter doesn't confiscate it when my shipment arrives!)

Purple People Monster
Leigha Eisenhour

This is such a familiar scent but I can’t put my finger on it! Regardless, I absolutely love it! 10/10

Dragon Queen
Brad Wasserman.
Perfect DnD Gift

This made the perfect holiday gift for a friend in my Dungeons and Dragons group! It's a great way to increase the ambiance when playing.

Luxury Candle
Rachel Day
This is a NEED!

My husband and I LOVE Burn Book. We have back ups on hand so we never run out! Makes your house smell so good and it burns forever! This is the longest lasting candle we’ve found and we’ve tried tons.

The best I’ve tried

These are much better than the store bought and the smells are mouth watering! They seem to last longer than what I am used to as well. I’ll be a repeat buyer.

In Between the Sheets
Amber Halliday
Laundry Refresher

I always forget to transfer my laundry to the dryer. Who’s with me on that? Thanks to the Burn Book spray, I can forget about my laundry for a day, and NOT have to rewash it! After I transfer the clothes to the dryer, I spray about 4 sprays of Burn Book on the clothes then start the dryer. My clothes smell fresh and amazing when they’re done! Plus I can leave them in the laundry basket for a week, before folding/putting them away AND they still smell amazing! My daughter has had an allergic reaction to other sprays used in this manner but NOT Retro Glow!! Thank you creating this wonderful spray to solve my “I forgot to transfer the clothes to the dryer” and “I hate folding/putting away my laundry” problems!!

(5) Melt Bundle

Rise Up (Hamilton)
Lanie Brown
Smells amazing!!!

I love everything Broadway and when I saw this wax melt inspired by my favorite, I had to get it! It has a cologne vibe to it and smells exactly how I think Lin Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton would smell!
15/10 would definitely recommend!!

Love the melts!

Every scent I purchased I absolutely love! Fall scent in my home 😍

Hocus Pocus-
susan aumiller
100% favorite

I don't think I can accurately describe how much I adore this scent. We used up more than half our melts over the course of a couple of weeks because it is DIVINE. I even got a room spray so I can smell Hocus Pocus everywhere I go, even when not at home. Buy this, buy several of them, and enjoy it because it's amazing.

50 Shades
Brittney Sille
Mr. Gray...

WOW! It is difficulty to find a fragrance spray that is not over powered by a masculine scent. 50 Shades is exactly what I was looking for! It is a LIGHT AIRY blend of mahogany teakwood. Laters Baby!