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Rachel Bresler
Apple girly

This melt smells just like a crisp fall morning at the apple orchard

Caramel Maple Swirl
Rachel Bresler
Warm hugs

I love the smell of maple and this melt smells just like Saturday morning breakfast

Peaches peaches peaches peaches peaches

My 2nd favorite smell of all time! (RIGHT next to Lisa) I happily stocked up for the foreseeable future so I wouldn't run out so quickly. Definitely smells what I imagine a princess would smell like it's so beautiful 😭


Love this scent! Smells exactly like childhood & makes me want cereal!

Back in Orlando!

I didn't even get a chance to use this before my kids swiped it for their bathroom warmer! (No Myrtles appeared ;)) It recreates the smell of our favorite vacation treat at home.

3 Sticker Bundle
Chelan Thompson

(3) Sticker Bundle

Princess Peaches-
Trisha Madison
Absolutely Amazing

I bought a few of the wax melts and Princess Peaches is so amazing! It’s literally a whole experience! When you put the melt on the burner there is legit shimmer in it! It smells delicious and shines! Love it!

Marketing & Branding Basics - E-book

Princess Peaches-
Monica Kadlec
In LOVE with Princess Peaches

I used the melt in my library at school and the students and staff all commented on how good the library smelled all WEEK! It smells so fresh and fruity. This one might be my new favorite.

Omg Princess Peaches

Omg!!! If you like the smell of peach at all you will fall in love with this! The perfect amount of sweet and tart. This might be my new favorite!

Floral Paradise

Burning this melt is like having fresh cut flowers all over your house! It’s strong, but delicate, and not even a little perfumey! Nailed it!

Great e-book!

This e-book has some great information about starting a small business. It was easy to read and walks you through, step by step, of how you should go about starting a business. It also has some useful resources linked in the sections. If you are thinking about starting your own business, definitely pick up a copy of this book - it will help!


If you like a peach scent this one is for you! It is AMAZING and fresh with just enough sweetness. The quality is superb -- I can't get enough of these melts!

Tart Pop -
Leigha E

This is absolutely amazing. It’s on my list of favorites.


Very happy wiht my purchase love my tumbler!

Tart Pop -
Smells so good!

Smells like blueberry cheesecake. I love the glittery color it makes as it melts.

Tart Pop -
Michael Stec
We miss it!

Sad to see this one go. If it ever comes back we’ll stock up!

Tart Pop -
Michael Stec
Tart Pop

Smells—and looks!—just like the real thing. One of our favorite new scents.

Ray M
Instant Satisfaction

I really did not know what to expect with this smell, but Retroglow has yet to disappoint so I gave it a shot. Absolutely amazing!!! This instantly filled my room with an amazing scent. Really hard for me to describe it other than how phenomenal the smell is! 100% worth the buy and I will be buying this again for sure

Sweet and Spicy

The Green Fairy is bold and beautiful! There are so many amazing notes combined to create a truly unique fragrance. The scent lasted forever and never lost its *pow* A+!

Latte' Mug & Sticker
Hope Mundine
Awesome Size

This has become my favorite go to mug. It’s large enough to have all the coffee you want in one pour. It’s even large enough to add your favorite adult beverage to your coffee or hot chocolate bomb. ❤️❤️❤️

Loving my mugs

First of all ! This mug is awesome!
This is my second order . I love this mug I had to order other . Great customer service . The quality of the mug is great . ❤️❤️

Perfect Tumbler

I love this tumbler, not just because of the logo. LoL. It has a nice sturdy weight to it. I love that the top has a little circular space that won't squeeze or cinch a straw. Perfect for drinking wine on the sly. PLUS customer service is a dream. Love it, love it, love it.

Black Tumbler & Sticker
Emily @ Smelly Goodies
Staying cool with Scent Sluts!

The Scent Sluts black tumbler has quickly taken over my top cup spot. I use it all day every day since I received it. I love that it keeps my iced coffee super cold. Plus it makes me feel closer to my favorite community!

Great purchase!! Just order it!!

This cup is beautiful & high quality! The package arrived quickly & was stunning to unwrap! So much effort was put into my order!! Very impressed!!