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FREE SHIPPING on Orders over $35- Use Code: FREESHIP




Melt- 2.5 oz 100% Soy Wax

Rockers- 4.4oz Jar Rock Salt

Spray- 2oz Vegan Base multi use spray can be used as room, car, body & pooperi sprays. 

Car Freshener- 4in. Birch Wood Disk that you hang can in the car or make a Drawer smell nice.

Spray & Car Freshener Bundle- includes 2oz Spray & Car Freshener. Use the spray to refresh your car freshener.

Travel back in time to the prohibition era and use the password “speakeasy” to enjoy . Enjoy a smokey jazz vanilla combined w/ the fresh, floral & clean smell of Lavender.

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Customer Reviews

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Jennifer Cheek
Made a GREAT gift!

Bought this scent to give as a gift--wanted something that wasn't really sweet or fruity, and this was the perfect choice!! The only downside is: I gave it away! Now I need to order more for me (and hope my daughter doesn't confiscate it when my shipment arrives!)

Carole Ragsdale

Everytime I burn it. The scents really come out. Absolutely love this.

Like Marshmallow Fireside on CRACK!

The name for this one is spot-on! It reminds me of walking into a little smoke and bourbon-filled jazz club, where the most sophisticated women’s perfume was nothing more than a dot of pure vanilla extract on their pulse points. It’s a deep, smoky, and sensual vanilla scent. Amazing! 💜

So long lasting!

Of all my wax melts, this one definitely lasts the longest! Strong scent, fills a large room. Feels fresh.


To be honest, the main reason I added this to my bundle was because of the smoked vanilla. I wasn't so sure how it would blend with the other scents, but it's burning today and it will definitely be a reorder. If you like any of the notes in this recipe, don't hesitate to try it.

Customer Reviews

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