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Save $$$ by bundling melts- CLICK HERE



4.4oz jars of our Scented Salts that we call "Rockers". Let us ROCK YOU!

  • Salts can be scooped or poured straight onto your warmer & you adjust how strong you want your scent.
  • I typically use 1-2 tablespoons and get 10-15 uses our of each jar depending on how much salt you use.
  • The salt does not melt and is restaurant grade for easy clean up.

Please view this video that is 50 seconds that we made to explain our famous "Rockers"!

Let us ROCK YOU!

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Maura's Handcrafted

I’m absolutely in love with the salt rockers! Clean up is super quick and the scent is so much more intense for my open space! I don’t get that much diffusion with waxes but these…absolutely the best!

ciarra lodin
Best scents ever

Smells fabulous!! So creative, fun and inexpensive!! I want more.

Daniel Connors
50 Shades - Rockers

Let me start out with RetroGlow. What an awesome company. Their customer service is outstanding, their products are top quality, and their selection of products are fun and innovative. I'm not buying from the big stores anymore. RetroGlow is my go-to for candles, melts, and my new obsession....Rockers.

50 Shades is my favorite. It is the perfect scent. The Rockers are the coolest! You pour them into your wax burner, turn it on, and the entire room is filled with fragrant awesomeness. The Rockers last a long time. The best clean up. When the Rockers are ready to be replaced you just throw them away. No waxy clean up in the dish. I'm totally digging the Rockers. Check them out!

Brittney Brennan
Love these

I love these! Smells so good and super easy to use. My son loves this smell so much he put them in his room too.

LOVE the Rockers!!

I've enjoyed using wax tarts/melts for years to make the house smell fresh or give a holiday feel--but the Rockers are sooo easy for clean up and changing fragrances! And speaking of fragrances...I wasn't sure how I would like Burn Book when I placed my order, but I thought "we'll try it..." Now I regret not ordering the larger jar! So my recommendation is "Just get it!!" The big jar--in this scent!