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Free Shipping on orders $50+. Use code : FREESHIP at Checkout

Bernie's Freakin' Weekend


 -Bernie's Freakin Weekend-

Melt- 2.5 oz 100% Soy Wax

Spray- 2oz Vegan Base multi use spray can be used as room, car, body & pooperi sprays. 

Car Freshener- 4in. Birch Wood Disk that you hang can in the car or make a Drawer smell nice.

Spray & Car Freshener Bundle- includes 2oz Spray & Car Freshener. Use the spray to refresh your car freshener.

Scent Profile:

Enjoy this light fresh classic coconut, with a sandalwood base, notes of cactus .. topped off with a floral.

*Inspired by the Bernie Sanders Meme & 'Weekend at Bernies".

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Nichole Suhadolnik

I’m obsessed with Bernie, I want all my spaces to smell like it! Love all the scents I’ve had!

Gavi Adame
One of my favorites!

I bought one of these for my aunt and loved the scent so much I had to buy another one for myself!

Susan Corder
If I could marry this smell I would!!!

So obsessed with this scent!!!! And so glad I bought a couple instead of just 1. I would even wear this as a perfume lol

Melanie Aue

Every single scent note of this melt HITS!! It's filling my house with a light, warm, and comforting smell. Every new one I try becomes my favorite ❤️❤️

Absolute Favorite Scent!’n

Absolutely LOVE the smell of this scent. And it’s so pretty! The wax is really nice quality and I’m just obsessed with this!

Customer Reviews

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