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FREE SHIPPING on Orders over $35- Use Code: FREESHIP

50 Shades


-50 Shades-

Melt- 2.5 oz 100% Soy Wax

Rockers- 4.4oz Jar Rock Salt

Spray- 2oz Vegan Base multi use spray can be used as room, car, body & pooperi sprays. 

Car Freshener- 4in. Birch Wood Disk that you hang can in the car or make a Drawer smell nice.

Spray & Car Freshener Bundle- includes 2oz Spray & Car Freshener. Use the spray to refresh your car freshener.

Scent Profile:

A Rich Masculine, Full Bodied Wood scent that is earthy & exotic.

Notes of sensual teakwood intertwined with mahogany, hints of clean lavender & rosy nuances of geranium. Resinous cedar-wood & oak wood tonalities blend together to enhance &complete this fragrant accord.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Lily edmunds

i love this scent and if you like a clean scent this is for you. i got it once at a festival and i ran out and it was so good i had to buy another.

Brittney Sille
Mr. Gray...

WOW! It is difficulty to find a fragrance spray that is not over powered by a masculine scent. 50 Shades is exactly what I was looking for! It is a LIGHT AIRY blend of mahogany teakwood. Laters Baby!

Daniel Connors
50 Shades - Rockers

Let me start out with RetroGlow. What an awesome company. Their customer service is outstanding, their products are top quality, and their selection of products are fun and innovative. I'm not buying from the big stores anymore. RetroGlow is my go-to for candles, melts, and my new obsession....Rockers.

50 Shades is my favorite. It is the perfect scent. The Rockers are the coolest! You pour them into your wax burner, turn it on, and the entire room is filled with fragrant awesomeness. The Rockers last a long time. The best clean up. When the Rockers are ready to be replaced you just throw them away. No waxy clean up in the dish. I'm totally digging the Rockers. Check them out!

Kyriaki Mavromatis
50 Shades of Amazing!

If I had a boyfriend, I'd want him to smell like this wax melt!

50 Shades

Fresh, clean and not overpowering - one of our favorite bathroom scents!